Identify your Unique Kingdom Building Contribution


The first step in forming a vision that is both biblical and appropriate to your context is to choose one or more of the potential mission fields in which God has placed you. When Jesus sent out the disciples, he gave them his authority and told them which mission fields to go to and which were not their concern at that time (Matt. 10:1, 5-6). Sometimes the Great Commission will involve pioneering ministry in an unreached area and breaking new ground. In many places, however, there’s an existing patchwork of churches already engaged in gospel ministries. In these cases, innovation means filling gaps by reaching specific unreached people groups or adding partnership ministries.

In this diagram, many churches are competing to reach the same people with similar strategies—the churches are all operating in a ‘crowded ocean’.  


In this diagram, value innovation has occurred as a church develops new ministry initiatives that open up new kingdom opportunities in an unreached area. This church operates in a ‘blue ocean’ of clear water to make a unique kingdom contribution.


Strategic mission focuses on how God has equipped you and who he’s calling you to reach, recognizing that he’s also bringing growth through others. And so, driven not by ambition to build personal empires but by divine commission to build God’s eternal kingdom, we ask:
– Where can we focus resources to serve a currently unreached area or people group?
– What makes us more strategically placed than others to make the most of these particular gospel opportunities?
– What, therefore, is our unique kingdom contribution that others are not currently making?